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Huntington Beach Bail Bonds | The Right Choice

We have been writing bail bonds in the City of  Huntington Beach for almost two decades. Our Huntington Beach bail bonds service works around the clock to insure the fastest and most reliable service to clients detained at the Huntington Beach Jail. It doesn’t matter when you call us, we will be there to assist you in the release of your friend or loved one. Call now for free bail information: 714-899-0123

We also offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our bail bond service. This is our promise to you, we believe in superior customer service and professional courtesy to all Huntington Beach bail bonds customers. First, we will explain the entire bail bond process thoroughly, so you can make an informed decision on bail. We then answer any questions or concerns that you may have, walking you through the entire bail bond process one step at a time. Finally, we will post the bail bond releasing your friend or loved one from the Huntington Beach Jail. Benefits of our service include:

  • Lowest rate premium – guaranteedhuntington beach bail bonds
  • NO annual renewal premium
  • Court appearance reminder letters
  • Shuttle service (5 mile radius)

Huntington Beach Bail Bonds | Your Local Help

Who is willing to go the extra mile? We will!! We have helped more people post bail at the Huntington Beach Jail than all other bail bond companies combined! Name recognition in the local market is important, that is why we are the preferred bail bond company of choice. Don’t be delayed by other bail bond agencies, promising to be there but fail to meet your demands.  The Huntington Beach Police Department is our backyard when it comes to providing an immediate solution for bail bonds. Surf City U.S.A. is our turf and proud to do business in this beautiful and versatile community.

Huntington Beach Bail Bonds To The Rescue

Huntington Beach is a busy City, hosting some of the largest events in the western hemisphere, including the OP Pro to the busy Main Street with its restaurants and many bars. A local Mecca for surfers and beach goers who love taking in the sun. Now mix in the tourists, local resorts, and party goers, and things can get out of hand rather quickly, like a rowdy crowd to someone who just had too much to drink. Huntington Beach Bail Bonds understands the compromised position someone can be placed in. Let us assist you in this time of crisis with integrity and professionalism. We are devoted to providing the most comprehensive no-hassle bail bond service 24 hours a day.

Note: The Huntington Beach City Jail is a division of the Huntington Beach Police Department. Huntington Beach Bail Bonds is not restricted to the normal operating hours of this facility. Bail or bail bond may be posted at any time for an arrestee who is eligible for bail. The jail is located at south-west corner of the Huntington Beach Civic Center, just behind the main lobby to the police department. The address to the Huntington Beach Police Department is: 2000 Main Street, Huntington Beach, California 92648, telephone number (714) 960-8843.




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