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bail bonds huntington beach

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Every day, people are arrested for suspicion of a crime. If you or a loved one is ever caught in this scenario, it will benefit you to know how bail bonds Huntington Beach can help. Due to the nature of an alleged crime, Huntington Beach Police officials have no choice but to perform an arrest. No matter who gets arrested, their friends and family members are likely to share the arrested person’s concern: “How do I get out of jail quickly?” In situations like this, the bail bond direct services Surf City’s #1 bail bond company is needed.

bail bonds huntington beach
Once arrangements have been made to post bail with bail bonds Huntington Beach, an arraignment will be scheduled typically 30 to 45 days . However, if the Arrestee does not make bail, an Orange County judge will review the reasons for the arrest within 3 days (excluding court holidays) and determine if bail is required for the release of the defendant. Thus, a judge will look at the underlying criminal charges and set bail accordingly to the Orange County bail schedule. The West Justice Center is the court of jurisdiction regarding criminal cases from the City of Huntington Beach, California.

The Benefits of Bail Bonds Huntington Beach

A person’s life can be seriously disrupted by an arrest. When a bail bond is posted in a timely manner, the defendant is returned to his or her ordinary life activities. For a fee, bail bonds Huntington Beach can post the bail bond quickly, releasing your friend or loved one immediately. Again, once a person is out of jail, they’re free to go about their business as long as they keep their scheduled court date appearances. Until they’re freed, the arrested person’s relationships, employment, and life is disrupted, even in jeopardy . When you’re in jail, you have no access to the outside world and an unexpected arrest could cost you more than you think. This is where our bail bonds services can help – by getting the arrested person released with a minimum of difficulty!

The Bail Bond Requirements can be simple and easy, by contacting our professional bail bonds service, you can expect immediate and dependable service, 24 hours a day. We have a reputation for reliability and trustworthiness and have served the Huntington Beach jail since 1995 with first hand knowledge of their jail operations. When posting bail through our services, you will be assured the very best service in the industry.

Bail Bonds Huntington Beach: How Do You Get a Bail Bond?

The first thing you must do is contact bail bonds Huntington Beach at 714-899-0123. When calling, please provide us the the following information so we may expedite the release of your friend or loved one:

  • Arrestee’s Full Name and Date of Birth
  • Your Name and Telephone Number

Upon providing the above referenced information to, we will contact the Huntington Beach jail for bail information. We will then contact you regarding the detained individual’s bail information which includes: Booking number, criminal charges, bail amount, and court appearance date. You will then have the option to make bail for the arrestee through our bail bond direct service or wait for the defendant to appear in court. If you decide to post bail, we will make arrangements to meet at the Huntington Beach Jail and have the arrestee released immediately.

Furthermore, bail bonds Huntington Beach allows you or your loved one to resume living a normal life while simultaneously fulfilling their legal obligations. We have been writing bail bonds in Surf City, U.S.A. for almost two decades. We know the town and people very well and are proud to do business within this local community. Huntington Beach, California is a main attraction for tourists, surfers, beach goers, etc.. “Things happen”, in this active and fun community our professional bail agents are there to help you around the clock. Please contact bail bonds Huntington Beach for a free consultation, we will be happy to assist you.